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Cabinet Refinishing

NuLook Cabinet Refinishing, located in Long Branch, New Jersey has been providing expert kitchen and bathroom cabinet refinishing services to Monmouth and Ocean County in New Jersey for the past 20 years. Refinishing your cabinets could save you up to 35% or more. New kitchen cabinets alone (for example) could cost up to $35,000. Refinishing existing cabinets could cost $10,000 or less.

We’d love to send one of our representatives to inspect your existing cabinets and prepare a no-cost / no-obligation estimate. And if you choose to partner with NuLook, we can have your kitchen / bathroom looking like new with minimal interruption to you. We’d love to show you how NuLook Cabinet Refinishing can transform your broken, old, stained, and soiled cabinets into something to be proud of again.

Our Services

NuLook Cabinet Refinishing specializes in custom cabinet refinishing. After stripping or sanding, our technicians can bring out the original wood grain of your cabinets and furniture, give your cabinets and furniture an antique or weathered look (glazing), or we can work with you to create a sparkle in your home with our high gloss finish unique to you. Beginning at the first consultation, NuLook Cabinet Refinishing will always make sure our clients are not only comfortable but important.

About Us

NuLook Cabinet Refinishing guarantees your complete satisfaction. Why? Because we use the highest quality and strength chemicals that strip away the surface of your old and dreary cabinetry. One of our 4 technicians, with a combined 75 years of cabinetry and woodworking experience, will them delicately sand the cabinet surfaces smooth and clean and then apply the coating, stain, and/or glaze of your choosing in almost any color or shade imaginable.